Monday, 29 April 2013

Google’s smartwatch Watch "review"

Google’s smartwatch Watch "review"

Google is starting to get into the “wearable computer” game with Google Glass — their augmented reality cyber-monocle (is it too late to trademark that name?). That approach really makes sense if you’re want to put the ability to record video and audio, and take still pictures somewhere omnipresent — like on your face. Sure, the privacy concerns have already prompted at least one place to ban the not-yet-available product from their establishment, but the concept is cool, and a little creepy.

Google’s smart watch needs to have a higher resolution, color screen to differentiate it from the several smart watches already on the market. It also needs to include Google Now integration, putting info cards literally on your wrist.  Everything that you normally would get by pulling out your smartphone and firing up Google Now would be right there at your fingertips. Time to home or work, right where you need it. Weather conditions and short-term forecast immediately available. Birthdays. Appointments. Events. What’s nearby. Sports scores. Stock quotes. All this and everything Google adds to Google Now in the future would be right there where you need it most.

Want to search for something? No problem, ask your watch. Via its Bluetooth connection to your Internet-connected smartphone, the information you’re looking for would be presented on your wrist. Of course this implies being able to talk into your watch, but also for your watch to be able to answer you back. Could this be the next incarnation of the speakerphone? Perhaps.

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