Monday, 29 April 2013

Microsoft is Ending Support for Windows XP in 2014

Microsoft is Ending Support for Windows XP in 2014

Microsoft is going to end it's support for supporting windows xp. Microsoft will end it's Support On April 8 2014. Microsoft is supporting the windows xp from last 12 years. Microsoft has a huge Amount of People using the windows xp. But as Windows 7 as well as now windows 8 is taking place of windows xp. Microsoft decide that they will end the Support of windows xp in april 2014.

What Happens when Microsoft ends the Support for windows xp ?

After MS stop supporting the windows xp,no new security patches for Windows XP will be produced. Windows Xp will remain stable for it's working, no new updates,no new Security Patches are going to available for windows xp.

Windows xp is Not going to stop working, it will continue on working as well as you can download it's old security patches. 

If you still want to use xp :

You can Use Windows xp even if microsoft ending it's support. It is risky to use it as No security Patches will be available But You Still can Use Windows xp in virtual pc. Like Windows 98, Windows xp is going to be invisible after longer time of service with big people support

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